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Academic Publications 

1.    Ro, Insoo; Xu, M.; Graham, G. W. ; Pan, X.; Christopher, P. Precise Synthesis of Heteroatom RhOx-ReOx Atomically Dispersed Site Pairs and Catalytic Consequences for Ethylene Hydroformylation. ACS Catalysis 2019, 9, 10899-10912.  
2.    DeRita, L.; Resasco, J.; Dai, S.; Boubnov, A.; Thang, H. V.; Hoffman, A. S.; Ro, Insoo; Graham, G.; Bare, S. R.; Pacchioni, G.; Pan, X.; Christopher, P. Structural Evolution of Atomically Dispersed Pt Catalysts Dictates Reactivity. Nature Materials 2019, 18, 746-751.
3.    Ro, Insoo; Resasco, J.; Christopher, P. Approaches for Understanding and Controlling Interfacial Effects in Oxide-Supported Metal Catalysts. ACS Catalysis 2018, 8, 7368-7387.
4.    Ro, Insoo; Arago, I. B.; Brentzel, Z. J.; Liu, Y.; Ball, M. R; Zanchet, D.; Huber, G. W.; Dumesic, J. A. Intrinsic Activity of Interfacial Sites for Pt-Fe and Pt-Mo Catalysts in the Hydrogenation of Carbonyl Groups. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2018, 231, 182-190. 
5.    Ro, Insoo; Arago, I. B.; Chada, P. J.; Liu, Y.; Ball, M. R.; Zanchet, D.; Dumesic, J. A.; Huber, G. W. The Role of Pt-FexOy Interfacial Sites for CO Oxidation. Journal of Catalysis 2018, 358, 19-26. (Selected as one of most downloaded articles in Journal of Catalysis in last 90 days as of March-May 2018)
6.    Arago, I. B.; Ro, Insoo; Liu, Y.; Ball, M. R.; Catalysts Synthesized by Selective Deposition of Fe onto Pt for the Water-Gas Shift Reaction. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2018, 222, 182-190.
7.    Lee, J.; Ro, Insoo; Kim, H. J.; Kim, Y. T.; Kwon, E. E.; Huber, G. W. Production of renewable C4-C6 monoalcohols from waste biomass-derived carbohydrate via aqueous-phase hydrodeoxygenation over Pt-ReOx/Zr-P. Process Safety and Environmental Protection 2018, 115, 2-7.
8.    Liu, Y.; Gӧeltl, F.; Ro, Insoo; Ball, M. R.; Sener, C.; Arago, I. B.; Zanchet, D.; Huber, G. W.; Mavrikakis, M.; Dumesic, J. A. Synthesis Gas Conversion over Rh-based Catalysts Promoted by Fe and Mn. ACS Catalysis 2017, 7,4550-4563.
9.    Ro, Insoo; Sener, C.; Stadelman, T. S.; Ball, M. R.; Venegas, J.M.; Burt, S; Hermans, I.; Dumesic, J. A.; Huber, G. W. Measurement of Intrinsic Catalytic Activity of Pt monometallic and Pt-MoOx Interfacial Sites over Visible Light Enhanced PtMoOx/SiO2 Catalyst in Reverse Water Gas Shift Reaction. Journal of Catalysis 2016, 344, 784-794.
10.    Ro, Insoo; Liu, Y.; Ball, M.; Jackson, D.H.K.; Chada, J. P. ; Sener, C.; Kuech, T.F.; Huber, G. W.; Dumesic, J.A. The Role of the Cu-ZrO2 Interfacial Sites for Ethanol Conversion and Methanol Synthesis from CO2 and H2. ACS Catalysis 2016, 6, 7040-7050. 
11.    Ro, Insoo; Carrasquillo-Flores, R.; Dumesic, J. A.; Huber, G. W. Intrinsic Kinetics of Plasmon-enhanced Reverse Water Gas Shift on Au and Au-Mo Interfacial Sites Supported on Silica. Applied Catalysis A: General 2016, 521, 182-189 (Invited article: Special issue on “Recent Developments in Photocatalysis”)
12.    Carrasquillo-Flores, R.; Ro, Insoo; Kumbhalkar, M. D.; Burt, S.; Carrero, C. A.; Alba-Rubio, A. C.; Miller, J. T.; Hermans, I.; Huber, G. W.; Dumesic, J. A. Reverse Water–Gas Shift on Interfacial Sites Formed by Deposition of Oxidized Molybdenum Moieties onto Gold Nanoparticles. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2015, 137, 10317-10325.
13.    Lee, J.; Burt, S. P.; Carrero, C. A.; Alba-Rubio, A. C.; Ro, Insoo; O’Neill, B. J.; Kim, H. J.; Jackson, D. H. K.; Kuech, T. F.; Hermans, I.; Dumesic, J. A.; Huber, G. W. Stabilizing Cobalt Catalysts for Aqueous-phase reactions by Strong Metal-support Interaction. Journal of Catalysis 2015, 330, 19-27.
14.    Upadhye, A. A.; Ro, Insoo; Zeng, X.; Kim, H. J.; Tejedor, I.; Anderson, M. A.; Dumesic, J. A.; Huber, G. W. Plasmon-enhanced Reverse Water Gas Shift Reaction over Oxide Supported Au Catalysts. Catalysis Science & Technology 2015, 5, 2590-2601 (Highlighted in front cover page in the printed issue of the journal (November 5, 2015)) 
15.    Kim, H. J.; Lee, S. H.; Upadhye, A. A.; Ro, Insoo.; Tejedor-Tejedor, M. I.; Anderson, M. A.; Kim, W. B.; Huber, G. W. Plasmon-Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting with Size-Controllable Gold Nanodot Arrays. ACS Nano 2014, 8, 10756-10765
16.    Choi, M. Y.; Choi, D. J.; Ahn, K.O.; Ro, Insoo.; Kim, Y. H.; Suh, S. H. Fabrication of Copper     Nanoparticles in a Thick Polyimide Film Cured by Rapid Thermal Annealing. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2012, 12, 3637-3640.

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